Hi. My name is Alla "Leslava" Avramenko.
I've been designing for 13 years and I feel free when i create something new. Emotional projects inspire me. I am not the best designer for statistics and the banking system. But if you want to go crazy, love your product and go beyond the norm — write to me. 
I'm sure that the most interesting solutions are at the junction of different disciplines. Many years I worked with restaurants and I understand this sphere.
Even more I like to create children's illustrations and books for my little son. In psychodelic and horror style I feel free and relax. The most dynamic spheres in my life now — 3D and drawing.
Follow me to see a lot of interesting artworks. A lot of ideas it's about me.
My work is my hobby, but I have and other hobbies too.
I still love games. More than 10 years ago I lived in la2 and aion worlds, right now I play in Lost Ark and Astellia. But not much because of time. And my goal now return to modelling.
When my son grew up a bit, I noticed that most of the children's books are very cruel. I had a desire to make some books for him. And also I dream to finish the album with photo manipulations about the life of my baby. Unfortunately, there is not enough time for everything, so some areas of my interest do not develop very quickly. But I am positive and go forward.
I spend a lot of time at the computer, so I happily work in the garden and grow berries for a little sweetened.