issue #4. October, 2018


   The "DO NOT HIDE" was created to support modern authors of the horror genre through advertising and articles in the magazine. There is a place for metal bands as well. The ones who are do black and death metal.

   I admire insane people. They see what they see. Their art is taking the black. They embody their nightmares on canvas. They don't worry about what other people think of them. They are constantly hungry.

 Insane people have their own audience. Every one of them inspires people. My role is a dissemination of horror, to introduce people to the work of outstanding and not well known authors. 

 I am a designer with more than 10 years of experience. I like to use different directions in art and design to implement my ideas. I like to experiment. Creating the magazine I take photos, make illustrations, create sculptures out of books and wire. Therefore, I appreciate interesting authors in the genre of horror. I admire their work, it's interesting to write about them in the magazine. As the magazine itself is a  portfolio where we all share our work and experience, inspire each other by music, art, films, our nightmares.

  I feature my works and works of other artists in the magazine. Each picture needs a beautiful frame. So I'm working on a qualitative layout of the magazine. This is a modern magazine about the modern genre of art.

 I follow the work of contemporary artists. And if you know any interesting one or may be you are one of them - please let me know.


June 5, 2019

This time superstition and fear prevail over common sense. No matter what fear I describe in every issue of the magazine. In any case, it is inherent to shut off logic and revive what you are afraid of. This moment of stupor from generation to generation, when you hear the name of Satan or feel the approach of his legion. Today here you will not find LaVey’s statements or church income statistics. Here and now I want to plunge into the world of centuries-old fear of demons and feel obsession, to be part of the war for the human soul. Do you hear the voices of demons? Have you seen demons or possessed people? Do prayer texts on the walls of your house, crosses over beds and windows save your life? Is your home and your soul safe protected by icons? Be sure that in our 21st century, both our and digital intelligence still lose in the battle to both God and the Devil. Read interview with Watain, Enthroned, Horna, Arvas, Lykaionas.


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October 1, 2018

About kitsch in the lifestyle of informal people, first experience of metal fest Ragnard Reborn in Kharkov (Metal East). 

Gra, Helheim, Horna, Cristalys, HatedHead, Aeternus Prophet. Horror art of Zack Dunn, Polina Verbyts'ka. Daemonical Eye and Halloween battle.



May 1, 2017

Modern artists give and embody the image that is born inside consciousness, inside the darkness. Each of us sees something in the dark. Somebosy, who is coming after you and waiting for you.

Horror art: StitchWitchDolls, Maxime Taccardi. Metal bands: Daemonium, Arvas, Endezzma.


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January 5, 2019

DO NOT HIDE at Behance

A couple of words of my project at Behance. About inspiration with examples.


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February 1, 2018

''Coulphobia''. The longer you peer into the face of smiling clown, the more he becomes sinister...

In this issue about: Bleeding, Endocranial. Horror art: Deviant Desserts, Adam Ewings, Zombiefy'd, Turkey Merck. Evil Clown article.



November 1, 2016

Horror as a genre in art continues to develop nowadays and its elements penetrate into contemporary art. You like to feel the emotional release. 

Dina DarkArt, The Possession of Michael King, Eclipse, Ghosts of the Chernobyl, Gods Gun, armada, Thyruz.



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