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Like Demon's Eye

reconnect to this world

This is my personal psychodelic project. It helps me to feel free and be without borders. I use black humor with cartoon style.These arts look good on a smartphone, t-shirts, on the wall in the frame etc. Whatever it is. If you like this style — enjoy it.

I made not very readable logo instead of the same classic because I use smoke in my art often. And this psychodelic smoke deforms the logo. Actually I deform the characters and different elements too. Like demon's eye is another version of our world. More crazy and funny. Less rules and more freedom.

Like demon's eye logo
Like demon's eye business card
Like demon's eye logo
Like demon's eye t-shirt
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Like demon's eye stickers
Like demon's eye stickers
Leslava multidisciplinary designer |
Freelancer, 3d, illustrator
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